B.O.M. Summer!

Did you know that the Book of Mormon was translated in JUST 85 DAYS (from April 7 to June 30, 1829)?! Well, most people have about 85 days of summer before school starts up again. Do you have what it takes to read it in that amount of time? Make this Summer the B.O.M. by reading it!

When you join the “Book of Mormon Summer” by subscribing to this blog, you will receive an email each day with the daily reading and a new meme/quote that teaches something inspirational about the Book of Mormon. You can also receive daily updates via Facebook by liking our page at: https://www.facebook.com/BookOfMormonSummer

To help you with your Book of Mormon Summer daily study schedule, I have created a bookmark that you can print up or save to your electronic device. You can simply copy the graphic below and it will serve as a digital bookmark to show you which chapters to study every day. If you would like to add a Google Calendar to your electronic device, please keep scrolling for information below the bookmark. Have a #BOMSummer!



You can also import the “Book of Mormon Summer” GOOGLE CALENDAR into your digital calendar by clicking on the +Google Calendar button at the bottom-right corner of the calendar below. It looks like this:

#BOMTC +Google Calendar Button

Book of Mormon Summer Calendar

CLICK HERE for more information about The Book of Mormon

CLICK HERE to request a FREE copy of The Book of Mormon



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