Please let me know when you finish reading the Book of Mormon this Summer. You can leave a “comment” below to let me know. Please leave your name and any significant details about your experience (ex: “First time completely digital”, “Read it in Spanish”, “Listened to the audio”, etc.).

  • Sheryl deGroot
  • Diana G. Glenn
  • Jacqui Jones Pitt
  • Bryce Skelton
  • Colleen Toki



3 thoughts on “FINISHERS WANTED!

  1. I love the Book of Mormon challenges and reading schedules. Each time I participate my experience is different. This time the Book came alive for me and my testimony was strengthened as I read each chapter. Thank you so much for organizing these events.

    1. So great to hear that you have once again finished another study of the Book of Mormon and that you continue to experience the promised blessings that come from a faithful study of its teachings! Keep up the holy habit of daily feasting from the words of Christ πŸ™‚


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